Bibek shrestha

Bibek Shrestha

Technische Universit√§t M√ľnchen

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A short list of projects I have worked on.

I was frustrated how Nepalese Newspapers' websites are made. collects individual PDF pages from different major news publishers and combines them into a no brainer easily consumable format.

OpenEventMap 2012 September to 2013 May

For this university project, I worked under supervision of Kathereh Polous. I worked with tools developed for OpenStreetMap to store Events related information and then visualize it

Labsystem Epub Exporter 2011 Dec to 2012 February

LabSystem is a brilliant eLearning tool developed by Marc-Oliver Pahl. I developed a plugin for it to convert existing content into ePub. Developed in PHP, it can be downloaded from