Bibek shrestha

Bibek Shrestha

Technische Universität München

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  • English
    Fluent in speaking and writing.
  • German
    Basic in speaking.
  • Nepali
    Mother tongue. Fluent in speaking and writing.

Current Interest

Open technologies, web development - specially in Rails, HTML5 and Javascript.

Work Experiences

2013 December to 2014 August -
fromAtoB GmbH, München Germany

Programmed for the backend in Ruby. Made small self contained micro services that would communicate with other services via HTTP / JSON. Also worked as a full­stack developer for their new Rails app (Rails, Web service API, CoffeeScript, HAML, nginx).

2013 June to 2013 November -
88Yaks, Techpeaks People Accelerator, Italy

CTO, worked 8 months to bootstrap own Startup in Italy. Handled full stack with Rails/MongoDB/Postgres for backend and AngularJS/Bootstrap on frontend as well as Linux/Debian server administration.

2012 May to 2013 May -
Hybris Gmbh, München Germany

WorkStudent Trainee, programming in Java to improve the user interface of Hybris Platform Components.

2012 January to 2012 March -
Petaera Gmbh, München Germany

Developed mobile interface in jQuery mobile.

2007 to 2011 -
YoungInnovations, Kathmandu Nepal

Cofounder, CTO. Requirement Analysis and Software Design for clients. Worked with PHP, ZendFramework, MySQL and also responsible for Linux Server Administration.

List of projects and technologies at YoungInnovations are listed below. - Online platform to store aid data. Worked with 3rd party webservices (XML, JSON based) and built custom api.

Short Messaging System Api design - Built a web service that can be used by different applications to send and receive SMS. Implemented custom Queueing mechanism.

Other projects include Web-based business information systems.

2010 to 2011 -
AscendInfoTech, Lalitpur Nepal

Consultant for software design, tool recommendation and mentoring to bootstrap the company.

Research experience

2013 April to 2013 May -
Seminar: Specification of Usage Control Requirements

Under supervision of Prachi Kumari, presented a Seminar paper to the Chair XXII - Software Engineering. The presentation slide is available here and the submitted paper is available here

2012 September to 2013 May -
Event storage and visualization with OpenStreetMap Data

Under supervision of Khatereh Polous, a set of tools were developed to add events related data into OpenStreetMap database. OpenEventMap was developed to visualise the new database. The final report can be viewed here and the presentation here.

2009 -
Real Time Face Tracking and Recognition (RTFTR)

RTFTR tracks and recognises faces from video streams. I implemented neural-net based face tracker module for RTFTR.


2011 October to 2014 -
Technische Universität München

Masters Degree in informatik. Majoring in Software Engineering and Computer Networks.

2004 to 2009 -
Institute of Engineering, Tribhuvan University Nepal

Bachelors Degree in computer engineering. (Grade: Distinction).